Hillary Campaign FLOORED By New Poll Related To Her Medical Episode On 9/11

Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers were already mired in quicksand when she took her ill-portending trip off of a curb at the 9/11 memorial ceremony on Sunday.

We’re just starting to see the first poll numbers roll in from after Clinton’s collapse. If the former secretary of state is ill — as, of course, we hope she’s not, but fear the evidence points to a different conclusion — her campaign aides must be even sicker when they look at the numbers.

The chaps at The Times of London decided to poll us yanks as to what we thought of Clinton’s health and the excuse that she was dehydrated because of pneumonia. Only 45 percent of voters on this side of the pond were convinced that the pneumonia was responsible for her “medical episode” on Sunday.

That was less than the 46 percent of respondents who felt that Clinton didn’t have pneumonia at all and was instead suffering from some sort of other ailment that had been undisclosed by her campaign.

The poll, which was conducted in conjunction with YouGov from a pool of 1,910 respondents on the day after Clinton’s collapse, had more bad news for the 68-year-old Democrat presidential nominee.

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Only 35 percent of Americans said they believed both candidates were physically fit enough to be president. Of those who thought only one candidate was healthy enough, 38 percent thought Trump was healthy enough whereas 9 percent thought only Clinton was healthy enough.

Apparently, that strategy of going after Trump’s health isn’t really working out too well for them.

Even if Hillary Clinton only has pneumonia, the problem is that she has no collateral of trust with the American people. She’s lied and obfuscated on everything, including her health. If it was just pneumonia — which her doctor only announced after Clinton’s collapse in spite of the fact that it was diagnosed days earlier — why wasn’t America told?

We need real answers, and we need them now. Doctors’ letters and reassurances just won’t cut it. We need Clinton’s full medical records.

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