HORRIFYING: ISIS Reveals Terrifying Plans For Non-Muslims In America. Deport Them NOW.

The ISIS propaganda magazine Rumiyah is published in ten languages, and it instructs followers to commit “lone wolf” attacks against non-Muslims.

In their newest installment, the terrorist magazine told Muslims in America to lure non-believers to their houses through Craigslist and eBay ads to acquire hostages and spread terror. (via The Daily Mail)

These instructions were written for a monthly column called “Just Terror Tactics,” and they began by praising previous American terrorists, propping them up as idols.

The magazine told followers to hold hostages — not for ransom, but to spread as much carnage as possible.

By holding hostages, the terrorists will buy themselves time, and will be able to murder more victims before police have time to respond to their crimes, as was demonstrated in the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting, explained the Rumiyah column.

Followers are instructed to use “the language of force, the language of killing, stabbing and slitting throats, chopping off heads, flattening them under trucks, and burning them alive.” These monsters even suggest advertising apartments as “ideal for students” to attract younger targets, via Daily Mail.

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The magazine asks Muslims to murder Americans anywhere, at any time when they deem it appropriate, but also recommends luring victims into a false sense of security through online advertising, such as apartments for rent.

The article teaches terrorists how to make realistic looking advertisements that force buyers into face-to-face engagements needed to complete the transactions.

Rumiyah is a traditional propaganda network for the Islamic State, but according to European law enforcement, ISIS intends to spread through social media, and will be creating a Facebook for terrorists.

The planned social network was discovered during a Europol crackdown on ISIS propaganda, which was already spread on existing, yet well-hidden websites. The European police agency discovered that ISIS is operating across 52 social networks.

By creating their own network, terrorists will be able to spread their message in a more overt manner.

Patriots need to be careful while cruising social media, and remember to never respond to a Craigslist ad without a sure-fire safety strategy.

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