How Feminists React To Muslim Vs Republican Beliefs On Women

Just when we thought liberals couldn’t get any dumber, liberal feminists show up and prove us wrong.

The hashtag #MuslimWomensDay was created last week by a liberal feminist working at the Huffington Post… And it didn’t get the reaction she expected. Sane women, across the country, stood up against the atrocious hashtag and all it stood for. And, because our side has the best sense of humor, some new memes were born as well!


Honestly, does ANYONE take modern-day feminists seriously anymore?

I have mild respect for old school feminists and what they accomplished, but neo-feminists? Nothing but whiners. Their elder “sisters” would be ashamed of them.

The elder generation of feminists worked to get women the vote, to get women in the work place, and to get equal pay for said work. Sure, they destroyed traditional values and the nuclear family in the process, but at least they MEANT well.

New feminists? They hold up terrorists as idols and waltz around in “pussy” hats. They’re a disgrace! They’re am embarrassment to the ideals they claim to uphold, as well as women as a whole.

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That’s right: Neo-feminists idolize terrorists. Just in case you thought you read that incorrectly, I’m stating it again. This is a point that really needs to be brought home.

Neo-feminist “icon” Rasmea Odeh was recently deported by President Donald Trump for neglecting to disclose her terrorist ties when immigrating. (via The Angry Patriot). Odeh, of course, was one of the organizers of this year’s Women’s March.

The other organizer for this year’s Women’s March? Also a terrorist. It’s been proven that Lisa Sarsour has numerous links to terrorism, and fully endorses Sharia law. (via The Daily Caller).

Neo-feminists place barbaric Muslim treachery on a pedestal, while simultaneously attacking old-fashioned American values. Feminists have recently gone after Mike Pence, simply for remaining loyal to his wife. (via The Blaze).

Shouldn’t men like Mike Pence be rewarded? If “all men are dogs” as the feminists believe, then shouldn’t they be pleasantly surprised when a good man comes along? Apparently their narrative is more important than any type of reason, facts, or glimmer of hope.

Neo-feminists are nothing but thugs. They deserve to be made fun of, every chance we get.


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