Huckabee Denounces Fretful Republicans, Stands Behind ‘Fearless’ Trump

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee on Monday denigrated Republicans who have turned their backs on GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump as “bed-wetting, hand-wringing Republicans” and dismissed any notion they are worried about Trump losing the election to Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Speaking to Megyn Kelly on Fox News’ The Kelly File, Huckabee dripped with contempt for Republicans who have used the release of a 2005 tape in which Trump uses vulgar language in discussing women to rescind their backing of the billionaire.

“Here’s a little secret, Megyn — a lot of these bed-wetting, hand-wringing Republicans, they’re not afraid Donald Trump is going to lose. They’re scared to death he’s going to win,” Huckabee said.

He said Trump would bring the knife edge of change to Washington, something insiders do not want.

“… if he wins he is going to mess up the neat little package of fun they have because they all play to the donor class and Donald Trump is coming to make big changes in the way that these institutions go,” Huckabee said.

“It’s not like nothing happened,” Kelly said in reply, noting that for many Republicans, endorsing Trump might equate to endorsing how Trump talked in the video.

 Huckabee blasted that notion.


“He’s crude and he’s vulgar. We all knew that. Nobody’s endorsing what he said,” Huckabee said, noting that Trump had since apologized.

“I’m waiting on Hillary to apologize for lying to Congress, lying to the American people, destroying evidence, getting all her people on immunity deals, making a deal with Iran, selling out to the corporate shills,” he said.

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After hearing Huckabee’s brief litany of Clinton’s actions, Kelly noted that for Trump supporters it was “invigorating” to see him confront Clinton at the second presidential debate on Sunday.

Huckabee replied by calling Trump “fearless.”

“This is a guy that is comfortable enough in his views, whether you like them or not, that he’s going to take it straight to the other person to their face. He’s not two-faced; he’s not phony,” the former governor said.

Huckabee then launched into an analogy.

“He’s like Captain Quint in the original movie Jaws,” Huckabee said. “He’s vulgar, he’s salty. … He’s just a terrible — but hold on here, he’s the guy who’s going to save your butt and save your family. And so at the end of the day, when he kills the shark you’re happy about it.”

“Now, Hillary is the shark,” Huckabee added. “She’s going to eat your boat. She’s going to have open borders, immigration out the kazoo. And so the choice is, do you vote for Captain Quint, who’s going to save your family, or do you vote for the shark? That’s the choice you get to make.”

Kelly then noted the analogy had a slight flaw.

“Now governor, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but Captain Quint got eaten by the shark at the end of that movie,” she said.

“Any analogy can fall apart, Megan,” Huckabee said, smiling. “Work with me on this!”

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