Huckabee: Hiring Foul-Mouthed, Sexist Rapper For Concert Shows Clinton’s Hypocrisy

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee attacked Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton as a hypocrite Wednesday.

“So Hillary Clinton is horrified by sexist and obscene language…unless it comes from famous rappers who set it to a beat and use it to promote her presidential campaign,” Huckabee posted Wednesday on his Facebook page in response to the announcement that rapper Jay-Z would headline a pro-Clinton concert designed to get out the vote among young minority voters.

Clinton had earlier castigated Republican nominee Donald Trump for his language about women in an 11-year-old leaked video.

“Okay, got it. She does have ethics, they’re just ‘situational,’” Huckabee added.

As reported by Western Journalism, Jay-Z’s songs are laced with profanity and continually describe women — often referred to as “b—–s” — as sex objects and little more.

Visitors to Huckabee’s Facebook page also expressed outrage at the double standard being used by the Clinton camp.

“Because she can’t draw the 30,000+ supporters at her rallies like Trump can so she had to hire someone that could. Just another way for her to spend her campaigns money,” commented Jamie Dahne.

“So they hate what Trump says because it’s demeaning to women but rappers can rap about rape and violence to women and Beyonce can shove her bottom in the crowds face and she is a good role model?” noted Rebecca Bell.

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“She likely has no idea what the song lyrics are and her campaign organizers are just as dead from the neck up for allowing it. Sadly, 99.9% of her supporters are just as empty-headed and will wonder why anyone even brings this up,” commented Sherry Vargo.

Commentator Heather MacDonald touched on the wider issue of the liberal toleration for the degradation of women in music while condemning Trump.

“If any of these newfound exponents of female modesty felt any comparable nausea at the blatant display of female sexuality … in Beyoncé’s acclaimed rock video ‘Formation,’ say, they kept it to themselves,” she wrote.

MacDonald said the lyrics to Formation sound “like a sexual quid pro quo, ripe for a harassment lawsuit.”

“President Obama has singled out Beyoncé for praise, and the singer is a big Hillary Clinton supporter, to not a word of protest from Clinton regarding her status as a role model for young girls,” she added.

MacDonald said the issue is wider than music, or Trump.

“Either women are the same as men or they’re not. It is particularly galling to see the selective resurrection of Victorian values from the same crowd that has been pushing transgender locker rooms on the world, in an effort to destroy the last shred of girls’ innate sexual modesty,” she wrote.

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