Huckabee Hits A Homer With 4 Perfect Words To Sum Up 2016 Choice – Beyond Hilarious

For Mike Huckabee, the outcome of Tuesday’s election is as clear as the body language of the candidates on the campaign trail.

And Republican nominee Donald Trump is the one presenting with the confidence of a winner.

In an interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, the former Arkansas governor and GOP presidential hopeful summed up the choice facing Americans in a phrase Democrats and their nominee, Hillary Clinton, are probably gritting their teeth over.

The moment came while Huckabee was paired with Mo Elleithee, Clinton’s press secretary during her 2008 campaign and a former communications director for the Democratic National Committee.

“I believe it now more than ever, he’s going to win the election,” Huckabee said of Trump. “Look at the two candidates on the stump. He’s the happy warrior, he’s out there having fun. He’’s doing so many events a day, but he’s having fun. Hillary is not having fun.”

And then Huck dropped the bomb.

“You have Trump who looks like the happy warrior. Hillary looks like the lady who didn’t give anybody candy on Halloween, shut her door and turned her lights off.

“So your choice is Trump or the Grump. And I’m telling you, Americans want to vote for somebody that looks like they’re going somewhere, not somebody who looks like they’re sorry they’ve been somewhere.”

Check it out here.

Now, Huckabee’s an old political pro, so he ought to know the “happy warrior” business only carries so far. Arizona Sen. John McCain was proud of the description for both his 2000 and 2008 bids for the presidency. He’s still Arizona Sen. John McCain.

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Still, Huckabee’s got a point about the candidates’ personalities these days. Almost every street has “that house” kids don’t want to go to on Halloween. Clinton is the screechy occupant of “that house” this year.

And Huckabee, an early contender for the GOP nomination this year before dropping out and endorsing Trump, was dead on when it came to the three states to watch on Tuesday — Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

According to the latest Real Clear Politics poll average, Clinton is leading Florida by a slim 1 point. But a New York Times/Siena poll released Sunday gives Trump a 4-point lead. Any poll that has the name “New York Times” in it and gives the lead to Trump, a man the newspaper despises, is worth paying attention to.

In North Carolina, according to Real Clear Politics, Trump is holding his own slim 1-point lead. 

And in Pennsylvania, Real Clear Politics has Clinton up by 3.5 points, but the Trump campaign has been hitting the Keystone State hard — would-be first lady Melania Trump made her post-convention debut in a speech outside Philadelphia on Thursday.

(Also, a transit strike in the Democrat stronghold of Philadelphia could wreak havoc on Democrat voter turnout on Tuesday if it’s not settled or a court doesn’t order the workers back on the job. Democrats should love organized labor, right? Especially public employees’ unions.)

Elleithee meanwhile, picked his own three states to watch, mimicking Huckabee for Florida and Pennsylvania and throwing in Nevada as a Western state that could make the difference.

As Megyn Kelly pointed out, Real Clear Politics’ average had Trump up by 2 in the Silver State. 

But those are just facts. What Huckabee had was poetry.

And “Trump or the Grump” just might catch on.

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