HYSTERICAL! RACHEL MADDOW Claims Rain Kept Only Democrats From Voting In Georgia Election [Video]

Liberal insanity just reached another level, with Rachel Maddow blamed the bad weather for the loss of Democrat Congress candidate Jon Ossoff in Georgia. She got completely hysterical, claiming there wasn’t enough votes for him because Democrats didn’t come out to vote due to the rain. So Rachel, in your twisted world, does it just rain on Democrats and not on Republicans?

WATCH the hilarious video below:

So, regardless of liberals’ desperate attempts to escape reality, Republican candidate Karen Handel won the race in Georgia’s 6th district.

It was a hard defeat for Democrats, who poured 50 Million dollars into Jon Ossoff’s campaign, making it the most expensive Congressional race ever!

After the victory, Handel spoke and thanked President Trump, making the crowd go nuts and start chanting: “Trump, Trump, Trump!”

Check out these long faces at CNN after their beloved candidate lost:

It’s always fun to see liberal tears!

Another major controversy regarding the Democrat candidate was that Ossoff didn’t even live in that district.

Ossoff said Tuesday that he believes voters in Georgia’s sixth congressional district do not care that he does not live in the district he is running to represent, dismissing questions on his residency.

On April 18, he stated that he lived a “mile and a half down the street” from the sixth district so his girlfriend could easily attend Emory Medical School.

On Monday, however, he said he lived “two miles south” of the district.

But both claims are a far cry from a campaign volunteer telling Ossoff canvassers in May that the candidate lives “three blocks away from the district.”

Ossoff’s residency has been a big problem for him during his special election campaign for filling Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price’s vacant House seat, reports 100percentFedUp.

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H/T: The Federalist Tribune

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