ICE Just Arrested 153 Illegals In Texas Raid – What They Found Is DISTURBING

President Donald Trump was predominately elected by U.S. citizens to reverse course on our suicidal immigration policy. A new discovery in Texas should serve as further proof that the war on illegal immigration must be won at all costs.

Following an ICE operation that lasted from March 20th until the 31st, 153 illegal Mexicans were discovered and arrested in Texas. Unsurprisingly, most of those arrested in San Antonio, Austin, and Laredo were wanted for crimes committed in both America and in their home countries, via Freedom Daily.

All told, 90 percent of those arrested were from Mexico, with the other 10 percent coming from ultra-violent Central American countries like Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

A few illegal immigrants from Canada were also uncovered.

Thankfully, ICE, now armed with renewed purpose thanks to the Trump administration, is in the process of deporting these individuals.

Unlike the last time they were caught, it seems unlikely that these 153 criminals will not re-enter the country.

In just three months, President Trump has successfully overseen a radical transformation of the U.S. policy towards immigration. Despite the lack of a finished wall, and despite the various impediments put in front of his moratorium on immigration from certain Muslim-majority countries, the Trump administration has successfully declined the overall movement of illegal aliens into this country.

In March, only 16,600 illegal immigrants entered the country. This is a 30-percent drop from February 2017, and a 64-percent drop from March 2016, via Breitbart.

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Of course, zero illegal immigrants would be preferable, but it is clear that Latin American criminals are heeding the iron will of the new American administration.

In other arenas, President Trump has proven that he is truly a law and order president.

In all of 2014, less than 400 arrests were made in connection with sex trafficking crimes.

In January 2017 alone, the Trump administration completed over 1,500 sex trafficking-related arrests, via Town Hall.

Many political commentators, from Alex Jones to Mike Cernovich, claim that President Trump’s hardline stance against pedophilia and child sex trafficking is the root cause of all of the Deep State’s antagonism towards him, his administration, and his supporters.

As Paul Joseph Watson makes clear, pedophiles, along with globalist corporations that have an unquenchable thirst for cheap immigrant labor, see President Trump as a threat to their power, via YouTube.

This is what Trump meant when he vowed to “drain the swamp.” Let’s do all we can to further clean-up our society of criminals, pederasts, and 5th column elements.


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