IDIOT: Al Sharpton Blames “Racism” For Trump’s Win

For decades, conservatives have faced accusations of “racism” from liberals who don’t have any actual arguments. Usually it was isolated to talking heads and low information voters, but in the current election, even the Democrat candidate is hounding her opponent with charges of racism. Even Barack Obama never accused John McCain or Mitt Romney of being racist.

It’s interesting because Donald Trump has been a public figure for decades and yet never faced accusations of racism… until he decided to run for president as a Republican.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson in 1999 praised Donald Trump for being someone who pushed for diversity and inclusivity. In the video below, Jackson is seen introducing Trump at the Wall Street Project Conference in Lower Manhattan.


He was never a racist until he was a winning Republican. The establishment trailed to take him down – and failed miserably.

And the explanation for their miserable defeat? Racism, of course!

As Truth Feed reported:


Liberals are very comfortable in the weak, victim role.

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The issue with that is you cannot lead effectively when you’re constantly playing a victim.

Trump won because global policies have destroyed America and decimated the middle-class.

Watch below:

By the way, here’s Sharpton having a great time throughout the years with The Donald:






Geez – I can’t imagine why he’d hang out with a racist so often!

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