Illegal Does The Unthinkable To Elderly Woman But It's His Dirty Past That Is Even More Disturbing ⋆ US Herald

You can always count on a sanctuary city to fail its citizens. This was the case with Kate Steinle of San Francisco. This is also the case in Portland where an illegal alien was arrested and charged with the rape of two women.

Here’s the part that should really make your blood boil: the perpetrator, Sergio Martinez, was an illegal immigrant that has been deported back to Mexico 20 freakin times! That’s four times the number of deportations as Kate Steinle’s murderer!

Martinez has a lengthy rap sheet, some of which for violent crimes that include burglary, kidnapping, and sexual assault.

These crimes were committed in Portland, another loony liberal city plagued by uber-progressive city officials. It was only a matter of time before such an incident occurred.

How liberal is Portland? Well, to give you an inkling of an idea, its police department recently did away with its gang database. The reason for that? Most of the gangs in the database were racial minorities, mainly Blacks and Latinos. This is no joke. Apparently, not enough white gang members were logged in the system, so they had to do away with the database because it composed mainly of people of color.

Of course, Martinez’ crime would have been just as heinous had he been a U.S. citizen. However, the acts committed by illegals are completely preventable if sanctuary cities follow immigration law. The two assaulted women weren’t just victims of Martinez but also victims of the insane sanctuary city policies. The same goes for Kate Steinle and her family.

Of course, liberals will just double down out of spite for President Trump. This will only lead to Americans becoming increasingly despondent with the goons inside the DNC that put political correctness before safety.

Is it time to build the wall and defund sanctuary cities?


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