Illegal Thugs Kidnap & RAPE 14-Year-Old… Then KILL Another. DEATH PENALTY: Yes or No?

Liberals continue to hold their arms open for illegals to enter this country, but they need to wake up to the reality of what they are exposing actual citizens of this country to by doing so.

On Wednesday, two illegal immigrants and MS13 gang members, Miguel Alvarez-Flores, and Diego Hernandez-Rivera, appeared in a Houston courtroom for charges related to kidnapping, torture, and murder, via Houston Chronicle.

If there were ever two men that deserved the death penalty, it would be these two.

Not only were they non-repentant during their court appearance, but they acted as though they were celebrities posing for the paparazzi.

The first girl was 14-years-old and was kidnapped and raped numerous times by several of the gang’s members.

Flores also tattooed her body with a massive grim reaper that covered her from her foot all the way up to her knee.

A second girl, who was in the apartment where they were holding the 14-year-old, destroyed the gang members’ Satanic shrine and then suddenly disappeared.

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She was found days later shot in the head and chest, but authorities have yet to be able to identify her.

While liberals would love us to believe every illegal that is in this country is a “dreamer,” that is far from the case. Criminals such as these two know the lax border controls and lack of enforcement of laws regarding illegals in this country allow them to run rampant once they manage to pass our border.

They use this weakness to set up shop in this country and terrorize our citizens. This is the element Trump is trying to immediately address and block from ever being able to come back to our country again.

If we had a wall, and if our immigration laws were actually being enforced, perhaps one girl would still be alive and another would have been spared from an assault that will likely affect her for the rest of her life.

The next time some liberal tries to defend open borders, show them this story and see if they are somehow able to defend the disgusting crimes of these two illegals.


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