Illegals Organize a “Protest.” So Trump Sent Them THIS “Surprise.” AMAZING!

Illegal aliens have become entitled after eight years of Barack Obama, and now that entitlement is coming back to haunt them.

The social justice group Migrant Justice, which operates in Vermont, organized a protest against President Trump. As a response, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers arrested four illegal immigrants who are members of the group, sending a clear message to other like-minded protesters, via Burlington Free Press.

Migrant Justice seeks to change the U.S. immigration policy, making it easier for illegal immigrants to live and work in our country. The group has many illegal aliens as members. Illegal immigrants are thus protesting our laws to make their illegal activity easier and more profitable.

Three of the four members arrested by ICE are Enrique Balcazar, Zully Palacios, and Caesar Alex Carillo-Sanchez — all of whom came to America illegally.

Carillo-Sanchez was stopped by ICE on his way to a court hearing. He was arrested in 2016 for driving under the influence. The state was planning to drop the charges, a luxury that would not be afforded to legal U.S. citizens. Apparently, in Vermont, illegal aliens are above the law.

Balcazar and Palacios were arrested during a targeted stop. Neither of them were facing criminal charges at the time. However, Balcazer has a long history of activism in the state and has successfully changed Vermont state law to be more accommodating to illegals.

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In 2014, Balcazar was a prominent advocate for Vermont’s driver privilege law. The policy allows individuals to obtain a drivers license without first having to prove they are legally allowed to live or work in the United States.

He was also appointed as a member of a task force on immigration created by Attorney General T.J. Donovan. The task force was created to deal with deportation cases resulting from the election of President Trump. Donovan has refused to explain how an illegal immigrant was able to join the task force.

Other members of Migrant Justice have spoken out after the arrests. They issued a statement, claiming, “It’s obvious that the local ICE office is looking to discourage immigrants in Vermont from organizing for their rights and dignity by attacking the only organization led by members of their community. They’re hoping to break the community’s spirit by targeting its leaders.”

This may be a complaint, but it is absolutely true. Legal immigrants are NOT at risk, and they can protest as they please — as is their right. However, it is utterly inexcusable to illegally enter a country and attempt to subvert the will of the people. This is an astonishing display of entitlement as these lawbreakers flaunt their illegal status, as many more deserving people are forced to wait while they obtain proper citizenship.

Vermont has refused to aid ICE in their arrests and investigations, but, ultimately, the state has no power to stop the federal agency from arresting these lawbreakers.


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