Imran Awan Scandal EXPLODES – THIS Could Be the Undoing for the DNC!

For the past seven months, going back even further to the results of the election, Democrats have been beating the war drum against President Trump.

They’ve come together in formation, and have fought him relentlessly and in complete unison, doing their best to undermine everything he’s attempted to do for America.

The left has been on the offensive, and they’ve used lies, slander, and character assassination in their efforts to portray Trump as some kind of criminal, but now, Republicans have a chance to put the Democrats on the defensive.

Not only has the Democratic Party been thoroughly linked to a sordid collusion with the Ukraine, a tale which could pass for a spy novel, and involves DNC operatives working with foreign influences and even a convicted terrorist, all in a desperate ploy to steal the 2016 election for Hillary, but there’s even more; the DNC’s shocking relationship with the Pakistani-born Awan family.

Democrats are not known for making the best choices when it comes to candidates or staff, ask Hillary Clinton and her horde of tainted cronies, but when they chose the Awan “gang” to be their IT support crew, they outdid themselves.

Lead by Imran Awan, and consisting of his brothers, his wife, and his best friend, the seemingly-innocent group of “computer nerds” managed to embroil the Democratic Party into a scandal that may just be their undoing.

As more and more damning information comes to light, the picture of the depth of the DNC corruption is becoming more clear, and it does not look good for the Democrats.

Imran Awan has worked with the Democratic Party for years, and has a long history with the now-disgraced Debbie Wasserman Schultz, having worked for her since 2004.

Awan is said to have made more than $4 million dollars in the past decade alone working for the Democrats, and seems to have been “protected” by Schultz for quite a while.

Over the past six months or so, Awan became the target of at least one serious investigation, and had multiple computers and other technical devices seized by federal agents.

Some of these devices, including laptops and iPads, belonged to high-ranking Democrat officials, including Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz herself, and almost certainly contained classified information.

Awan and his brothers also had access to passwords and networks used by the DNC, and apparently were privy to unbelievable amounts of secrets and other classified intel.

Schultz went so far as to make a very serious and ominous threat to a law enforcement official who was in possession of a laptop which had been seized from Awan as evidence, one that has been said to belong to her, but her threatening a police officer to defend her IT support staff member is more than a little strange.

As the investigation into the Awan crew got more intense, apparently he saw the writing on the wall, and began to withdraw large sums of money, which he wired to Pakistan.

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In May, his wife was caught fleeing the country with $12k in cash, which was seized, but she was allowed to leave American and enter Pakistan anyway.

According to certain court documents, the Awan family members are considered VIPs in Pakistan, and are routinely given a police escort when traveling around the country, one of many odd red flags that has come to light.

In fact, other sources have alleged that the Awan brothers have direct ties to the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI, and Imran has also been linked to at least one Hezbollah operative already.

All of this begs the question: what exactly were these guys doing with the information they had access to, and were they helping terrorists and foreign governments by spying on the United States?

Given the large sums of money Imran and his brothers made in just a short amount of time, having made upwards of $ 4 million dollars, with the average IT support leader earning no more than $100k yearly, the question has also been raised as to whether the Awan crew was blackmailing the DNC?
Awan has a history of making threats to get what he wants, even against family members.

Imran’s brother’s stepmother has alleged that he threatened to have her family arrested in Pakistan, and he also threatened a United States veteran who rented a home of his, after the veteran turned over a cache of routers, laptops, and hard drives “that looked like they tried to destroy” which Awan had left at the residence before renting it.

The culmination, or at least thus far, of these events occurred on Tuesday night, on July 25th of 2016, when federal agents arrested Imran Awan at Dulles International Airport in Virginia, as he tried to board a flight headed to Pakistan.

He has initially been charged with one count of bank fraud, stemming from a $165K home equity loan on a rental property, which he transferred to Pakistan as well.

Awan has pleaded not guilty, and was released on what a DOJ spokesman described as a “high-intensity supervision program” which requires him to wear a GPS monitor, adhere to a curfew, and keeps him unable to flee the country.

Who knows what exactly will come from Awan now, as it becomes more and more obvious that he is sitting on a treasure trove of ill-gotten information, and could be the final nail in the DNC coffin, should he choose to cooperate with authorities.

Enemies of the Democratic Party, as well as liabilities, do have a tendency to meet with questionable and untimely deaths, so Imran is almost certainly living in fear.

Right now, as the Democrats work around the clock to destroy President Trump, his administration, and even his family, the capture of Imran Awan and the knowledge he possibly holds could be exactly what Republicans need to turn the tables on the relentless onslaught by the left.

With the DNC already having been tied to an egregious collusion with a foreign power, this new evidence of corruption, spying, mishandling of classified information, fraud, and possible blackmail, could be instrumental in forcing the Democrats to back off President Trump.

The Democratic Party has been so brazen, arrogant, and sloppy in their operations for so long, it is not outside of the realm of possibility to think that they may have overplayed their hand, especially after their substance-less attacks on President Trump, and Imran Awan could be the card that leads to their undoing.

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