INSANE! Texas High School Brings Back Prayer But Not For Christians…

The religion, culture, and values we hold dear are being attacked, and we must do something to stop this before it is too late!

This is outrageous, and we cannot believe that something like this has happened, especially in the state of Texas. Parents of students and people in the local communities need to make it clear to this school that they won’t stand for this, and people in the nation as a whole have to make sure this idea doesn’t start to spread out of control.

Liberty High School in Texas is at the center of this controversy as they are encouraging Muslim students to pray in the school in a prayer room dedicated to Islam, via Dallas News. This is against the Constitution as outlined by the First Amendment protection of religious liberty. Other religions are being heavily discriminated against — you definitely will not find a prayer room in that high school for Christianity, Judaism, or any other religion.

The school is essentially pushing Islam on other students by having these prayer sessions be so open.

Only Muslims have their own dedicated prayer room. By catering to the whims of ONLY Muslim students, the school is making it clear that their other students’ beliefs have no value to them.

Even if the school administration prefers Islam over Christianity and other religions, they have no right to actively support Islam through the school.

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This bigotry needs to be stopped before it starts spreading like wildfire among the politically correct, liberal communities.

Liberals are pushing so hard to try and accommodate extremist religions and ideals that there is going to be a breaking point in the near future.

With radical Islam being such a danger to the western world as we know it, how could anyone give this religion preferential treatment? Any radicals among them will be able to spread those ideals to our youth at an age when they are most impressionable.

The last thing we want to have on our hands is young, homegrown jihadists committing terrorist attacks on behalf of Islam on American soil. There are already enough radicals integrated into our society as it is, thanks to lax immigration controls initiated by Barack Obama.

In France, for example, where so many natives have been murdered by radical Muslims, the mosques and prayer rooms are used as recruiting grounds for jihadists. Is this what we want to happen to our school system in the near future? This Texas prayer room is the first step down a very ugly path.


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