Insider Tells the REAL Story Behind Hillary’s Health… It’s WAY Worse Than We Thought

Investigative author Ed Klein, who has already written several books exposing Bill and Hillary Clinton, recently appeared on “Fox & Friends” to promote his latest exposé, entitled “Guilty as Sin.”

While on the program, Klein revealed a few choice tidbits regarding Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s health issues, the FBI investigation into her private email server and a host of other potential problems the candidate faced in the 2016 election.

As to her health issues, Klein made it clear that they were far worse than Clinton’s campaign has let on publicly, including that she suffered from heart problems and was prone to potentially fatal blood clots.

“If she faints because of her low blood pressure and hits her head, she could get a blood clot that could be fatal,” Klein stated.

He also floated the idea that President Barack Obama never wanted Clinton to be the nominee of the Democrat party, owing to his apparently deep-running feud with former President Bill Clinton.

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Klein said that Obama would have preferred the nominee to have been Vice President Joe Biden or Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, but both rejected his plea for them to try to achieve that mantle.

As to the FBI investigation into Clinton’s use of an unauthorized private email server while serving as secretary of State, Klein alleged that Attorney General Loretta Lynch kept the White House in the loop on any developments in the case in order for them to devise a strategy that would keep Clinton from being indicted.

That strategy included a “Plan B” if Clinton had actually been indicted, which included the possibility that Obama would pardon her, or that Hillary would pardon herself if she still managed to be elected despite an indictment.

To be sure, the allegations put forward by Klein have yet to be confirmed, but they do tend to line up with at least some of the leaks and rumors that have been floating around for some time.

Should what he put forward be proven true, then it becomes crystal clear that Hillary Clinton has no business even running for the presidency, much less winning it.

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