Internet Erupts After Bombshell Report Surfaces Revealing The Truth Frederica Wilson Never Wanted World To See ⋆ US Herald

Frederica Wilson is looking for her five minutes of fame by crying foul over President Trump. The Florida Democrat Representative accused the Commander-in-Chief of gross insensitivity while making a phone call to send his condolences to the wife of a fallen servicemember.

When Trump called the pregnant widow of Army Sergeant David Johnson, Wilson claimed she overheard him making a callous remark where he said Johnson “knew what he signed up for.”

The President has denied the allegations and said in a tweet that the Democrat congresswoman’s claim is a fabrication.

Johnson was deployed in Niger when he was killed in an attack.

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That is some damning accusation by Wilson. Speaking of Wilson, hardly anyone even knows who this woman was until she came forward with the claim. It really appears that she just wants some camera time or is doing the Democrat’s bidding.

Here’s something else to consider. Wilson herself isn’t really in a position to be lecturing anyone on military-related matters. A recent Fox News report sheds light into Wilson’s voting record when it comes to veteran’s affairs. She has voted against numerous measures for expanding veteran aid, including veteran benefit expansion and financial benefits to widows.

She even opposed a bipartisan bill introduced by the Obama administration that would provide additional funding to the VA.

Yet, Wilson has the audacity to claim that she is “committed to honoring our service members, not only with words but with deeds.”

Wilson is another prime example of a Democrat loyalist whose speech does not match her actions. Not surprisingly, this definition as of late has really befitted many established Democrats, Hollywood elites, and members of the liberal media.

Does Wilson’s claim really have a leg to stand on considering her poor voting record of assisting veterans?


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