Iraqi Translator Detained At Airport Stuns Reporters With Surprising Trump Statement

Hameed Darweesh, a translator for the US Army in Iraq, was held at JFK airport this past Friday and was released on Saturday.

His detention came as a response to Trump’s executive order which paused immigration from several terrorist-ridden states, including Iraq. When asked about Trump, Darweesh said, “I like him… This is a policy, I don’t know. He is a president and I’m a normal person.”

Clearly, Darweesh does not share liberals’ criticism of Trump’s new policy.

The mainstream media would have loved it if Darweesh gave a snappy quote, calling into question Trump’s policy and its so-called abandonment of American values.

However, Darweesh seems to feel American values have been unaffected.

After his release Darweesh said, “I want to thank the people that took care of me and they support me. This is the humanity. This is the soul of America. This is what pushed me to leave my country to move here. I’m very, very thankful to the people who came to support me.”

Perhaps the Iraqi translator is happy to be a part of a country that offers its citizens real freedom, and puts them first.

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I’m sure he will rest easy once Trump’s new vetting methods are put into place. He has experienced rampant terrorism, so being in a nation where potential terrorists are screened and turned away will be a huge relief!

Darweesh went on to say, “America is the greatest nation, the greatest people in the world.” This man is clearly grateful for everything the United States is doing in Iraq. He, like many others, does not want to live in an Iraq that is controlled by ISIS.

Trump does not have it easy trying to clean up the mess that Obama left in the Middle East. Obama left Iraq because of the promises he made in the 2008 election, which would have been fine if he had secured a status of forces agreement with the Iraqis before he withdrew.

Instead, ISIS grew in the vacuum of power left by the withdrawal of US troops. As a result, Christians have been persecuted, women have been killed, people have had their lives ruined or ended. ISIS has even inspired attacks on US soil.

The left wants to make Trump out to be the bad guy for denying refugees access to our country. However, as the multiple terrorist attacks committed on our soil demonstrate, we have a vetting problem and that is enough to justify everything Trump is doing.


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