Israeli Leaders Issue STUNNING Response to Trump’s Inauguration

Other than Americans, nobody was more happy to see President Trump sworn in than the nation of Israel. And they are not hiding that fact, by any means.

Following the Inauguration ceremonies on Friday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted “Congrats to my friend President Trump. Look fwd to working closely with you to make the alliance between Israel & USA stronger than ever.” (via Breitbart)

Benny wasn’t the only one who voiced his personal excitement. The mayor of Jerusalem sent his congratulations, as did the Israeli ambassadors to both the United Nations and America.

“This week @realDonaldTrump enters the White House. Let’s welcome our friend & thank him for his intention to move US Embassy to Jerusalem…” tweeted Mayor Nir Barkat.

For decades, the U.S. and Israel have been allies. Unfortunately, former President Obama (I like the ring of that!) took a different view of Israel and did everything he could to strain and diminish the relationship. Time and time again, he stiff-armed Israel, and in particular, Netanyahu. Instead, he made a treaty with Iran, who has vowed to “wipe Israel off the map.”

As a result, Israel is facing national security issues and is in desperate need of ongoing support from America. It seems the entire world has been turning on them.

Most alarmingly, on his way out of office, Obama abstained from a U.N. vote that would allow Israel to remain in control of their own territory. There is a parcel of land, that includes East Jerusalem and the West Bank, which the U.N. is trying to give to the Palestinians.

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The first problem is that the U.N. somehow believes they have jurisdiction over nations, instead of just being a platform for those nations to discuss issues. How insane! Nations should be under national control. This is exactly why Trump has been critical of the U.N. and international treaties, like NATO and NAFTA. America will no longer be submitting to the whims and ideas of those outside its borders. Thank God for Trump!

For both Israelis and Palestinians, East Jerusalem is holy land, for within it is the ancient Temple Mount. Both nation’s religions want to claim it as their own. For the Jewish people, the Temple Mount is the place where Abraham went to sacrifice his son, Isaac. Afterwards, it was the site upon which the Jewish people built the temple and is considered the place where God is most present in the world.

For the Palestinians, it is the site where Mohammed is said to have ascended into heaven. They, too, see the mount as their future capital. This tension could not be deeper.

Trump is determined to protect Israel’s claim to this holy site. Trump has stated many times that Israel is a dear friend not only to the U.S., but to him personally. And, don’t fail to notice that Trump’s daughter married an orthodox Jew and they are raising their children in the Jewish tradition.

Conversely, Obama has been sympathetic and supportive of Muslims every step of the way. So much so, that he refused to utter phrases like “radical Islam” or “Islamic terrorists.” As a result, Obama choose to back the Palestinians and stab Israel in the back.


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