IT’S CONFIRMED! ISIS Is Finished After What Trump Just Did…

We’ve heard about the danger that ISIS brings to the table. Not just for the United States, but for the risk they bring to the entire world. Luckily, our grandkids will never have to deal with the likes of such SCUM.

When Obama was President, ISIS was running and hiding in their countries (wouldn’t it be nice if he actually tried to do something?). Now, the terrorist organization is running out of options. According to Washington Examiner, Defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis credited Trump for the downfall. They are cornered, and they have NOWHERE TO HIDE. 

Trump is setting ISIS up for a battle the likes of which they cannot escape. They can fight, die, or surrender — those are their only options. Mattis noted that when we were giving them avenues of escape, we were just transplanting the problem between countries. Nothing was actually getting accomplished.

Now that President Trump is in charge of our military, things are drastically different. Besides giving ISIS nowhere to hide, two of his other implementations have helped tremendously as well. The first is the ability to allow U.S. advisors to travel with partner forces front and center on the battlefield. We now have a better idea of what to expect, and how we can stop it.

The second influential choice of Trump’s was to arm the Syrian Kurds. They now have the means to liberate Raqqa, ISIS’s proclaimed “capital,” which is located in Syria. If the Kurds want to free their country from the radicals, they’re going to have to do some of the heavy lifting, too.

We’re there to protect OUR people, and OUR interests. If the situation overseas reaches a point where ISIS can attack us head on, they will. We need to cut them down before they get a chance to mobilize against us, and President Trump is smart enough to know that.

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If ISIS did decide to attack the United States head on, it would end terribly for the militant group. Our people don’t deserve to be in that kind of danger. It’s worth taking action NOW. We must be preventative, not just reactive.

Since the battle against ISIS began, much progress has been made. Over 20,000 square miles of land once controlled by ISIS is free again, and a staggering 4.1 million people are no longer under the murderous thumb of the terrorist organization.

Mattis said, “Thanks to the leadership and authorities granted by President Trump, thanks to the spirit of dozens of nations committed to this fight, thanks to the nations whose troops have gone toe-to-toe with this terrorist group.” We can see from this statement that Mattis directly attributes our impending victory to the swift and powerful actions taken by President Trump.

ISIS cannot continue fighting forever. Their numbers are dwindling, and they’re getting tired. They can’t breed or buy reinforcements and supplies fast enough. It won’t be long before ISIS and the horrors they inflict are cast from our reality, and are reduced to nothing more than a chapter in the history books.

We do wonder — when President Trump takes down ISIS and brings our troops home, will the liberals FINALLY give him the credit he has long deserved? We sure hope so, but we wouldn’t bet on it.


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