IT’S RIGGED! Postal Worker Comes Forward, Admits Doing THIS To Steal Election From Trump

This postal worker is either stupid or lying, and I am not sure which.

A tweet made Sunday afternoon is blowing up the Internet right now. The poster is an alleged post office worker that admits to tearing up absentee ballots voting for Donald Trump.


Conservatives have been going ballistic over this for the last day, and rightfully so.

Even Scott Baio chimed in, telling the mysterious postal worker “I hope you get fired!”

So, is this really going on or this just some attention starved lunatic looking to create a buzz on social media.

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The Internet being what it is, it should not be too difficult for authorities to track this individual down to validate these claims.

And, based on stories we have heard in the past, it is not out of the question that something like this would actually happen. There are numerous previous and verified stories of postal workers throwing mail out of their trucks, burning it, storing it, etc… so they did not have to deliver it.

So, how hard would it be for someone to destroy absentee ballots? My guess is not very hard at all. And as I said, if one person is doing it, there are likely quite a few more that were not dumb enough to go on social media and tell everyone they were committing a federal crime.

This also goes to show the mentality of Hillary supporters. Win at all costs, no matter the means. As long as they get what they want, they could care less if they are breaking laws.

Look at the rioting and destruction we have seen at Trump rallies. Look at the firebombing over the weekend of the GOP headquarters in North Carolina. All of these acts have been all but justified by the mainstream media!

Today, the left is VERY dangerous. They are out of control and nobody is making a move to hold them accountable. I have yet to hear Hillary or Bernie go after the people causing these problems. It is actually quite the opposite!

Remember when Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General, said she understood where these people were coming from… while they were literally burning down a city?!

We are in dire times patriots, very dire times.

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