Ivanka Trump Stars In New Ad Aimed At Working Mothers

A woman who has managed to juggle an executive career in the construction industry and the challenges of entrepreneurship in the fashion sector, along with being a mother to three small children, has a few words to say to America’s voters.

“The most important job any woman can have is being a mother, and it shouldn’t mean taking a pay cut,” Ivanka Trump says in the opening seconds of the Trump campaign’s new ad.

The ad is entitled, “Motherhood.”

The ad is directed at informing women about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s plans to expand child care and paid maternity leave.

Ivanka Trump, 34, has been one of her father’s most effective surrogates throughout his campaign, but this is the first ad in which she has been the focus. Interspersed with footage of her family, Ivanka Trump outlines what her father has to offer working mothers.

“Donald Trump understands the needs of a modern workforce. My father will change outdated labor laws so that they support women and American families,” she says, speaking directly to the camera.

“He will provide tax credits for child care, paid maternity leave and dependent-care savings accounts. This will allow women to support their families and further their careers,” she adds.

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Trump’s campaign notes that Trump’s child care plan allows adoptive parents, stay-at-home moms and foster parent guardians to deduct their child care costs from their income taxes.

The plan allows all working mothers six weeks of paid maternity leave, even mothers whose employers do not provide such a benefit.

“Mr. Trump’s childcare affordability plan will immediately help millions of hard-working Americans provide for their families by introducing innovative solutions benefitting everybody,” Trump’s deputy communications director Jessica Ditto stated in a press release.

“Mr. Trump’s clear vision on this issue sets him apart from Hillary Clinton, who has offered little more than partisan rhetoric and vague talking points. If you’re looking for a change to improve America, Donald Trump will provide that leadership,”

The ad is one part of $7.5 million in ads the Trump campaign will run next week.

Ivanka Trump’s ad will run nationally and in battleground states, and will be targeted at cable networks with large female audiences, such as Lifetime, Bravo, and TLC.

The ad will also be seen on prime-time shows such as Dancing With the Stars, Madam Secretary and The Voice.

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