Jeff Sessions Launches Project to “END” Criminal Illegals Found in Prison

President Donald Trump caused great joy among conservatives when he nominated Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. Sessions has already proven why he was the right choice.

On Thursday, Attorney General Sessions announced that the Department of Justice would expand and enhance the deportation of illegal aliens. Specifically, the DOJ agreed to beef up the Institutional Hearing Program, or IHP, which allows judges to sentence immigrant criminals to deportation, regardless of their legal status. (via The Daily Caller).

America’s top cops are finally able to do their jobs.

Along with strengthening the IHP, Sessions announced his department would seek to penalize so-called “sanctuary cities” for their flagrant violations of America’s immigration laws.

Besides losing federal funding, Attorney General Sessions told Bill O’Reilly, the host of The O’Reilly Factor, the Trump administration is looking into other ways to punish sanctuary cities, via The Washington Times.

For too long, America’s liberal cities have thumbed their noses at both federal and state laws regarding illegal immigration. Mayors in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York (all of them Democrats) take pride in the fact their administrations refuse to pursue legal measures against the millions of illegal immigrants committing crimes in their cities.

Unsurprisingly, lax immigration enforcement leads many illegals into thinking they can break other laws.

The two illegal aliens behind the recent rape and sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl at a high school in Rockville, Maryland may possibly gain citizenship if proven innocent, via Breitbart.

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Open border, liberal policies lead to rampant criminality. With millions of immigrants pouring in from the most violent countries on Earth, and with such light penalties in place, we know this means one thing: more crime.

Take Sweden, for example. Despite becoming the “rape capital of the West,” sexual offenders, most of whom are Muslim immigrants from the Middle East and Africa, routinely receive light sentences for their heinous crimes.

In one sickening case from 2013, six teenage boys, all of whom were between the ages of 15 and 17, were given light community service for raping a fifteen-year-old girl, via Clarion Project.

Sessions, a long time hawk when it comes to securing America’s borders, is clearly dedicated to making good on his promises.

The Alabama lawmaker also takes his oath of office seriously — unlike Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch, both of whom saw promoting racism and “social justice” as being more important than actually upholding the law.

Let’s hope Mr. Sessions keeps the fire hot. Let’s take back our streets and end the madness of sanctuary cities once and for all.


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