Josh Earnest Claims that China – Not Russia – Hacked Election

The White House can’t seem to get their story straight on election hacking. This week, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest claimed that China — not Russia — had hacked the election.

The messiness with which the left has surrounded this supposed “election hack” is surprising, considering how much effort they’ve put into pushing the story.

Leftist electors have used Russia’s alleged interference in order to demand intelligence briefings, a delayed electoral college vote, and justification for a “faithless” vote for Hillary Clinton.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid even claimed that Donald Trump was “in on” the hacking attempt.

Despite all of this effort, the left still can’t decide by whom and to what extent the election was hacked. That’s probably because there’s no actual evidence that a foreign government acted in order to elect Trump. Everything is based on speculation.

The White House looks to believe that Trump’s election was illegitimate because Russia interfered in the process — or maybe it was China? They can’t seem to decide who to blame for Clinton’s loss. It’s anyone but Clinton herself.

The impeccably coiffed and slick salesman of Obama administration lies seemed to get his propagandisms tangled while laboring through an answer regarding Donald Trump’s reactions to the supposed “Russian hack” of the election.

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“I’ve tried to avoid responding to some of the charges from the President-Elect’s Twitter feed, and what I’ve tried to do is just present objective facts,” Earnest said. “I think that the objective fact that’s relevant here is the intelligence community, a month before the election, came forward and presented a unanimous view – a high-confidence assessment – that China was engaged in malicious cyber activity to destabilize our political system.”

A reporter in the audience immediately corrected Earnest, saying, “You said China, you meant Russia,” to which Earnest sheepishly concurred.

When a follow-up question was asked regarding former U.N. ambassador John Bolton’s proposition that the “Russian hack” narrative could potentially be an Obama administration “false flag,” Earnest denounced Bolton and all who have similar concerns as “irresponsible conspiracy theorists.”

How ironic that the White House is blaming “conspiracy theorists” while their own intelligence agents have claimed that Russia acted in order to get Trump elected with no actual proof.

Watch Earnest’s flub in the video below.

Source: Info Wars

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