Judge Jeanine Spills the Beans on National TV. Does This Surprise You?

President Trump himself expected Judge Jeanine to drop some big news on her show, and she did just that.

While the nation, and possibly even the President himself, was expecting the Judge to reveal new information about the Obama wiretappings, the Judge called out Speaker Ryan for all of his failings and even demanded he step down from his position. 

It looks like any presidential ambitions that Paul Ryan has are well and truly gone after this calamity. This is what you get for betraying your own party and striking a deal with corrupt politicians.

From day one, the judge has stayed on the attack and exposed ALL political failures, regardless of their party.

This is the complete opposite to liberal mainstream media outlets whose commentators only attack Republicans and never report on Democratic failures.

Many people have been calling for the resignation of Ryan after this latest mishap and it’s safe to say that President Trump wouldn’t be sad to see him go.

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This will have some negative effects on future bills being introduced as certain parties will look to block future legislation.

President Trump is handling this setback well and no doubt he has a great plan developed to get Obamacare out and bring in an effective and efficient healthcare system. It has only been a couple of months since he got into power and he has achieved so much already.

This is why we need to be patient and give him time to get this healthcare system sorted once and for all. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so our President deserves the time to draw up a comprehensive plan.

If people like Paul Ryan are removed from this process, we will likely see a great end product passed through the House.

This is going to be yet another pivotal moment in the journey to make America great once again.


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