JUST IN: Americans Just Got Incredible News About What Trump Did For Them. Media Hides It.

The media LOVES to put a biased spin on every single story that they publish. If a story doesn’t fit their left-wing narrative, however, they simply won’t release it. Cowards.

Case in point: According to The Daily Caller, the arrests of illegal immigrants is up a staggering 40% compared to where it was at this time last year. You would think that this would be MAJOR headline news. It would be, too, if Obama were not our previous president. 

If you compare the numbers, you can see how different things look now compared to then. Between January 22nd and April 29th, there were a staggering 41,318 illegal alien arrests. During that SAME time last year, there was only 30,028. Quite the difference one year makes if you ask us.

ICE is getting about 400 arrests on a daily basis, in part, due to the executive order Trump signed when he first made it into office. He established a system that makes it harder for illegals to “blend” into the system. Enforcement is on the rise, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The liberal media has not said a word about this, besides, as expected, calling Trump a “racist” who is after ALL Muslims. It is an extraordinarily simple concept to understand. LEGAL immigrants are allowed to be here whereas ILLEGAL immigrants are not. It really cannot get any simpler than that!

It is sad that we can spell it out for liberals time and time again, but they just don’t care. The truth does not fit their narrative, so they will bend and contort until they are comfortable that their point is “right”.

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You have to wonder: do these guys lay in bed at night and think about the disservice they are doing to our country? They are HURTING us in fundamental ways, and they just don’t seem to care.

Now that the new sheriff is in town, people are not going to get off that easy. EVERYONE is on watch, and if you are harboring illegals, you must also pay the price. They have done enough damage to our country without you — give them up.

It is amazing to see that Trump has made such progress in just a few short months. He promised us that he was going to make America #1 again, and he has delivered in a BIG way. The patriots of this country could not ask for much more. He knows that we need certain guidelines to keep our cities secure, full of jobs, and growing at a healthy rate.  We have NEEDED these things for a long time, and have been waiting, almost hopelessly, until now.

Illegal immigration stunted our growth, so to speak. Obama did nothing but feed the life-sucking plant all of our resources and leave us, the people, with NOTHING. Not anymore.

We are in a far better spot than we were this time last year, and Trump is not even six months into office. By the end of his four-year term, it is safe to say that we are ALL going to be ready for four more years of President TRUMP!


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