Just In: Ellen DeGeneres Makes Shock Trump Announcement Not Even Libs Saw Coming


Daytime talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres has interviewed Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush on her daytime talk show.

But this week, she said she would not be extending an invitation to President Donald Trump to appear on her program.

In an interview with Today‘s Matt Lauer, DeGeneres said she had no desire to have the current president on her program.


“Um, no,” DeGeneres told Lauer when he asked if she would invite Trump on her show.

“Why wouldn’t someone like you want to sit down opposite the president of the United States?” Lauer asked.


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“Because I’m not gonna change his mind,” DeGeneres said. “He’s against everything that I stand for.”

Her response prompted applause from the audience in her studio.

The 59-year-old comedian admitted she had met Trump years earlier, but she doesn’t really know him.

“I don’t know him,” she said, “I mean, I know him from Celebrity Apprentice because when we first started this show, I think Season 1 or 2, we went out there and we filmed something with him and so I flew in his helicopter and did a bit with him. So I knew him then [but] I have not spoken to him since he’s run for president or become president.”


Lauer also talked with DeGeneres about her decision 20 years ago to come out as gay, something that was relatively uncommon in Hollywood.

While she recalled getting “death threats” and having trouble getting work following the revelation, she credits the experience for making her compassionate and bringing her to the realization that she was “strong enough to start all over again.”

“It was the greatest thing to ever happened to me,” DeGeneres said.

Earlier in the week, Lauer appeared on DeGeneres’ program and she asked Lauer what he thought of the president’s attacks on the media.

“I think it’s something that he goes out and he says in front of a crowd of supporters and it gets a great reaction,” Lauer said. “He doesn’t hate the media. As a matter of fact, he’s someone who has loved the media more than most people.”


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