JUST IN: Media Caught LYING About Trump, So The New England Patriots Defended Him!

The New York Times likes to inflate their own ego and consider themselves the “newspaper of record.” Yet, the establishment rag has been caught lying too many times to count.

When President Trump invited the New England Patriots to the White House to celebrate their Super Bowl victory, the New York Times released a misleading tweet claiming that many football players refused to turn out.


Even the lighthearted moments of Trump’s presidency are met with lies and vicious attacks from the mainstream media.

In the above tweet, the New York Times compared incomparable photos to make it look like many Patriots were sitting out a visit to the White House for political reasons.

In reality, the Obama photo contained support staff, while President Trump was captured with just the players in this photo. A spokesman for the Patriots told the Times that roughly the same number of people attended both events.

However, the New York Times would never let facts get in the way of a good spin, so they insinuated that the Patriots are protesting the President.

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The Times noted the absence of Tom Brady, who was missing for family reasons. We know that Brady is a Trump supporter. He was even caught with a Make America Great Again hat in his locker last year

Patriot’s coach Bill Belichick wrote a letter praising his friendship with Trump during the election campaign. Both him and Brady appear to be support the president, but they focus their attention on football and not politics.

Pictured is President Trump with the full support staff of the Patriots, allowing a fair comparison of the team turnout. As you can see, there was much more support for President Trump than we were originally led to believe.

Image via Red State Watcher

Conservative athletes are forced to keep their beliefs hidden, as the mainstream media relentlessly attacks any dissent, while liberal players get praised for taking a knee and other inane gestures.


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