JUST IN: N. Korea Issues Horrifying Threat Directly To President Trump, Pray For Trump

North Koreans are getting bold, and it’s all because Obama did nothing about them for years. The Left loved to ignore threats.

Trump will not make the same mistake as Obama. North Korea recently made a stupid threat when they stated, “The White House will be reduced to ashes.” Wow, they are begging for trouble! (via Dennis Michael Lynch)

Donald Trump is not going to tolerate this nonsense for much longer, and he shouldn’t. He inherited this mess from Obama, the greatest do-nothing president of all time.

Obama spent eight years making our country weak. Our country was a joke because of Obama. He didn’t care about foreign policy; he only cared about his golf swing.

Where was Obama when North Korea was developing these nuclear bombs? He was on a golf course with Tiger Woods. Obama never cared about keeping Americans safe from this anti-American nation.

Thank goodness we have Donald Trump to protect us from the North Koreans. The North Koreans want to drop a nuclear bomb on us, and they have for years. The Obama administration did nothing about it.

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The Left likes to ignore our enemies and the terrorists. Take for example how the Left treats radical Islam; they claim that speaking truthfully about radical Islam is “recruitment material” for ISIS. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

According to leftist logic, we shouldn’t be hard on our enemies, because then, they will be more encouraged to attack us. Does that sound smart to you? That sounds like a terrible strategy.

We need to be tough on our enemies. We need to make them think twice about attacking us. If just let them walk on us, then they will get bolder and bolder. Thank goodness we don’t have a leftist in office.

The mainstream media agrees with the leftist rhetoric. They love to paint Trump’s foreign policy as “dangerous” when it is their tactics that put American lives at risk. With Trump in office, enemies will fear us again. We won’t allow our enemies to get away with murder and horrible threats.

We are going to put North Korea in their place. We don’t have to worry now that we have Trump in office. He’ll take care of us like Obama never would!


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