Large Barriers Erected Around Clinton’s New York Home While She Recuperates

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is taking a break from the campaign trail to recover from pneumonia at her home in Chappaqua, N.Y.

On the perimeter of the property, large concrete barriers have been erected in order to keep the public and media at a distance, the Daily Mail reported.

Before Tuesday, plastic orange barriers also were blocking off a huge chunk of Clinton’s road, but they were mysteriously removed.

In addition to the concrete barriers, Secret Service agents in black SUVs are preventing anyone from getting too close.


Clinton’s street has become a pseudo-tourist spot, as cars passing by slow down to see if they can get a glimpse of anything interesting.

At least one neighbor has called the police multiple times in order to get reporters off his property.

Locals seem to be hoping for a swift recovery. A sign on Clinton’s street reads, “Get  Better Soon. Stronger Together! Hillary!”

At least four times she has received flowers from a delivery truck.

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Clinton’s health had become a big topic in the campaign before the pneumonia diagnosis.

After multiple coughing fits and a few displays of unusual behavior, speculation arose that the Democratic nominee might be facing a serious illness or showing symptoms related to her 2012 concussion.

It wasn’t until it was wholly obvious after her early departure from a 9/11 memorial Sunday and subsequent collapse that Clinton’s campaign finally admitted she was suffering from pneumonia.

The former secretary of state has referred to the incident as a “dizzy” spell, and said it was brought about by dehydration.

As of Tuesday, Clinton’s staffers have yet to announce when she will continue campaigning.

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