LEAK – Bill Clinton Cousin Comes Forward to Reveal SICK Thing He Did To Her

This entire election has just took a turn for the worse. As the media tries to dig up more dirt on Trump, more Bill Clinton FACTS have come to light that are truly stomach turning.

As people continue to dig through the Wikileaks release, disgusting details of Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct are coming to the surface courtesy of Hillary staffers. One email reveals Bill Clinton actually abused his third cousin while she was babysitting Chelsea during his time as governor…


The more I learn about Bill, the more I believe he needs to be castrated just to make the world a safer place.

But, knowing Bill, that would hardly stop him from being the disgusting human being that he is.

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The biggest mistake this country ever made was to elect this man, knowing his past, to the highest office in the country.

Even sadder is the fact Hillary Clinton stood strong by his side to allow all of this to happen.

BUT the mainstream media gives it no air time because of new allegations against Donald Trump by the New York Times who dug up alleged sexual misconduct about Trump from three decades ago.

Whether it happened or not I have no idea. But, as I said yesterday, I have to question why these allegations took so long to come to light considering how much money Donald Trump was worth.

To me, this seems as though the media is trying to take away one of the main attacks against Hillary, her treatment and abuse of women from Bill Clinton’s sexual misdeeds.

In essence, the media is trying to turn Donald Trump into Bill Clinton. They want him to attack these women to say they are lying to defend himself. They also want Melania to stand by his side and defend her man… exactly the same scenario the Clintons found themselves in when Bill Clinton was running for President!

It completely takes the spotlight off this aspect of Hillary’s closet of secrets and puts it all on Trump. Now, instead of dealing with issues, he is spending every ounce of energy he has to defend himself against allegations.

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton gets to skate on the fact he had a decade long affair, raped women, has an illegitimate son, and molested his third cousin. Ain’t America great?!

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