Leaked Screenshots Leave Holier-Than-Thou Lib Media Group Humiliated


Liberal hypocrisy was on full display recently on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” when the eponymous Fox News host interviewed BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith regarding allegations that conservative employees at the predominantly liberal media outlet were mistreated, according to BizPac Review.

Smith laughably claimed that “people are very respectable to the conservatives on our staff.”

We say “laughably” because all evidence would seem to point to the contrary, evidence put forward by a right-leaning individual who used to work at BuzzFeed until he was essentially run off for being a supporter of then-candidate Donald Trump.


Twitter personality “Baked Alaska,” real name Tim Gionet, tweeted after the interview, “Ben is lying, I was treated very unfairly at BuzzFeed when I came out as a Trump supporter. They openly wish someone will assassinate Trump.”

The allegation of mistreatment at the hands of fellow BuzzFeed employees once he had revealed himself as a Trump supporter were confirmed by a recent lengthy profile of Gionet by Business Insider reporter Oliver Darcy, who spoke with several of Gionet’s former co-workers.


As to BuzzFeed employees openly wishing for the assassination of Trump, that was confirmed by a series of screenshots Gionet had kept of an internal messaging system for the media organization that were published online by the pro-Trump news site Big League Politics.

At one point in the back-and-forth messages that took place prior to the election, director of social media Maycie Thornton wrote, “Maybe someone will assassinate him,” a proposition that drew laughs and agreement from co-workers.

“This was not the first time BuzzFeed employees talked openly about wishing President Trump would get assassinated, they hated conservatives so much they even held an office party when Justice Scalia died,” Gionet told Big League. “It was a toxic environment and you were declared a heretic if you were a Trump supporter, bottom line.”


Gionet further revealed that his “Aha” moment at BuzzFeed that convinced him to leave came when he jokingly referred to pop singer Justin Bieber as his “spirit animal.” He said he was told — in all seriousness _– by a fellow employee, “Hey, bro, you can’t say ‘spirit animal,’ that’s culturally appropriating Native American culture and that’s not cool.”

The oppressive political correctness and open hostility toward him and Trump supporters in general ultimately compelled Gionet to resign from the media outlet and strike out on his own to do other things in support of the president.

Interestingly, shortly after Big League published the screenshots of anti-Trump BuzzFeed employees wishing for an assassination, three of the individuals revealed in the conversation changed their previously public Twitter accounts to private.

Though the outlet initially declined to comment on the damning revelation, spokesman Matt Mittenhal eventually replied, “While the remark in question is regrettable, it was made in private by someone who is not a reporter nor even an employee of BuzzFeed News. Attempting to turn a throwaway comment from an entertainment employee into evidence of bias at an affiliated news division is ludicrous.”

This is just the latest in a string of black eyes for BuzzFeed, where the staff really should simply revert to publishing ridiculous lists and silly cat videos instead of attempting to portray themselves as actual professional and unbiased journalists, which they most certainly are not.

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