Leftist Judge Blocks Trump’s Travel Ban, Immediately Learns BRUTAL Lesson

The liberals have been trying to stand up to Donald Trump, trying to block his policies, but they just learned a hard lesson.

Judge Ann Donnelly issued an emergency halt to Trump’s immigration ban. However, the Department of Homeland Security shut her down by saying, “The president’s executive orders remain in place—prohibited travel will remain prohibited, and the U.S. government retains its right to revoke visas at any time if required for national security or public safety,” via Fox News.

While they tried to pull up their big kid britches, the government is not going to stand for it. A judge’s order cannot undermine a president’s executive order, and the liberals seem to need a lesson in the way our government works.

Liberals don’t realize that U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly’s emergency order pertains only to a few people who arrived in the U.S. and were inconvenienced by the new security measures. The rest of Trump’s order has been unaffected.

The order will still prevent people from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen from coming into the U.S. unless they have a valid visa or an approved refugee application.

The DHS has stated that this is the “first step towards reestablishing control over America’s border and national security,” but, of course, the liberals are upset, and people are protesting at many airports.

Some believed that foreign-born U.S. residents would have trouble coming into the country for 90 days even if they have green cards and visas, but DHS officials have stated that no green card holders have been barred from coming into the United States.

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This order is to stop terrorism from pouring into this country through the cracks of our old, insufficient system. Besides, we are only stopping the flow of immigrants from high-risk nations and only for the time being.

Eventually, we will have a better system to vet people in order to protect our citizens. In the meantime, the DHS will continue to do its job with excellence. In fact, DHS stated that it “will faithfully execute the immigration laws, and we will treat all of those we encounter humanely and with professionalism.”

Our president is doing what he has promised to do during his campaign. This is no secret, people — Donald Trump wasn’t hiding it. He is trying to make this country better. Maybe if the liberals would shut their mouths and open their ears then they would realize that.

No one wants terrorism to be a threat in this country. This has nothing to do with religion or race. It is about the assaults this country receives from those who seek to destroy it. We need to prevent people who threaten us from crossing the border, and, finally, the DHS is empowered to do just that!


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H/T: www.angrypatriotmovement.com

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