Leftover Obama Regs Wreaking Havoc as Marines Ordered to Blow Picturesque Ponds


Despite President Donald Trump starting to review a leftover Obama administration regulation, with hopes of doing away with it all together, but the United States Forest Service decided to enlist the services of the Marines and began blowing up beautiful ponds with C4 explosives.

This is ridiculous.

In 2015, the Obama administration issued an executive order called “Waters of the United States,” which extended the 1972 Clean Water Act to give the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency authority to “re-wild” America’s smaller streams and marshes by removing man-made dams.


Farmers, ranchers, builders, and other private interest groups successfully challenged the executive order, which had been criticized by conservatives in the West, but the administration had the ability to implement re-wilding on federal lands.

In February, Trump instituted a mandatory 90-day review period to hopefully eliminate the executive order, but the Forest Service was already moving ahead with having the Marines blow up several beautiful ponds.

The “WOTUS” rule was used as the justification for obliterating three rock dams that created the ponds leading up to California’s Holy Jim Falls trail this week in Cleveland National Forest, one of California’s most scenic hiking paths, according to the Facebook page of the group Save Holy Jim Dams.

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How is it in the best protection of the environment to use explosives to blow up these dams? Wouldn’t that introduce more pollutants into the water and prevent wildlife from nesting and flourishing there? These are questions that must have missed the EPA’s assessment on whether this was a good idea.

Residents were horrified when they learned that this is what WOTUS was going to be used for especially when Donald Trump ordered a curtail of such activities while the executive order was under review.


And ridiculous.


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