Liberal Judge Lets Immigrant Who Murdered 2 Doctors Go Free For SICK Reason

Liberalism is a cancer on society that allows the worst elements of a culture to flourish and spread, undermining peace and prosperity for all.

Lisa Grant, a liberal judge from Boston, has blood on her hands after she let a criminal immigrant go free — simply for being an immigrant who could get deported. The immigrant then went on to murder two doctors in their own home. (via Boston Globe)

Dr. Lina Bolaños and Dr. Richard Field had their engagement cut short when Bampumim Teixeira, an immigrant from Africa, broke into their penthouse suite in a luxury apartment in downtown Boston.

Dr. Field managed to send a message to a friend urging him to call police who immediately responded.

When they arrived at the condo, police found a set of keys on the ground just outside of the locked front door. After receiving no response to their shouts they unlocked the door to discovered a pitch black apartment.

Teixeira was spotted with a weapon by one of the officers, and a firefight erupted. The immigrant was shot three times. Thankfully, no officers were injured.

Police searched the apartment and found a black backpack full of jewels confirming the motive of Teixeira. They also discovered the two doctors, now deceased, with their throats slit.

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Teixeira received his bail hearing from his hospital bed. The public defendant appointed to his case did not object when the immigrant was ordered to be held without bail.

However, to make a tragic murder even worse, Teixeira should have never been free to commit the crime. Teixeira was found guilty for two counts of robbing a bank in 2014 and 2016. The liberal judge, Lisa Grant, sentenced Teixeira to 364 days in prison. If he was sentenced to 365 he would have been deported.

If an engineer designs an unsafe bridge and it collapses she is held responsible, if an Electrician incorrectly wires a house and it burns down he is held responsible. Yet, when a liberal judge lets a guilty man free for political reasons they are not held responsible when two doctors die.

The judge gave Teixeira a light sentence specifically because he is an immigrant, and would have been deported.

Lisa Grant has blood on her hands. She decided that the comfort of a violent criminal was worth more than the life of American citizens. A true patriot would NEVER do that.


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