Liberal Media Working To Curb Hillary Clinton’s Low Trustworthy Numbers



Video Transcript:

First on Wednesday, CNN’s Van Jones lied about Hillary Clinton’s honesty.

DON LEMON: 50 percent of voters say that Trump – they see him as a more honest and trustworthy candidate, 35 percent for Clinton. Does she need to get those numbers up to win?

JONES: Well she’s got to do something. It turns out that Hillary Clinton, when you look at the fact checkers, she’s one of the most honest politicians in America according to the fact checker. So there’s a disconnect there that she’s going to have to deal with.

But over on MSNBC, Montel Williams argued that voters don’t really care about her trustworthiness.

HALLIE JACKSON: You do plan to endorse Hillary Clinton, is she telling the truth? Do you think she is truthful enough to be Commander in Chief and to lead the military?

WILLIAMS: You know, I think the example has already been done. She’s been there, she’s literally answered the call and answered some hard questions in times of crisis. This whole question of whether or not we play the political television game of who’s truthful or who is not – we can run that for hours. (crosstalk) It is a game, it’s what the media cares about to keep the story high enough to make sure you guys get the ratings.

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