Liberal OUTRAGE! Trump Refuses To Visit African-American Museum On MLK Day For This ONE HUGE Reason

Why a respected civil rights leader and congressman would choose to engage in an unfounded, slanderous and provocative verbal assault on President-elect Donald Trump a week before the country celebrates the swearing-in of our 45th President of the United States, at first blush appears bizarre and quite frankly out of character, even for a liberal Democratic congressman, and then that tiny little voice within us all begins to actually reason that perhaps Congressman Lewis is being a bit disingenuous in his attack.

Perhaps it’s all just smoke and mirrors to simply distract from Obama’s disastrous handling of race relationships and his abysmal record of helping African-Americans access the American dream, in that by any standard one cares to choose, Obama hasn’t helped the African-American community, and it seems that Lewis is perhaps giving him cover.

No doubt Trump is predictable when it comes to defending himself and an outrageous premeditated verbal assault by Lewis almost assures a Trump response, and indeed that’s exactly what has taken place, a back and forth cleverly created distraction perhaps even orchestrated by the Obama White House.

This of course plays into the race baiting narrative of liberals being selectively outraged, in that “the Donald” canceled his scheduled visit to the African-American history museum on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, perhaps because Lewis was the original sponsor of the legislation to build the museum.

The controversy began last week when Congressman Lewis was being interviewed by NBC’s Chuck Todd when he suddenly declared that he didn’t consider President-elect Trump a “legitimate president.”

And then continued his misleading, unsubstantiated verbal assault on the President-elect, stating: ‘I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected, and they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.”

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And there lies the rub, in that Lewis, Obama and the political progressive establishment had banked on Clinton preserving the legacy of America’s first African-American President, regardless of the fact that Obamas domestic policies increased poverty among African-Americans, reduced employment opportunities for young African-American youths, increased gang and gun violence, and reduced home ownership for middle class black Americans.


Contrast Obamas record of none involvement within the African-American communities, with President-elect Trump forcibly reaching out to African-Americans within the inner cities during the presidential campaign and again after  capturing the presidential nomination, promising to bring major economic recovery within the inner cities, and you can understand why Lewis is perhaps running interference for Obama.


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Source: Daily Mail

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