Liberal Smear Campaign Against Moore Backfires, Donations Break Record

When the liberal media, Democrats and even establishment Republicans launched what many view as a smear campaign alleging sexual misconduct against Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, most expected him to step aside from the campaign in shame.

Instead, he has vociferously denounced the allegations against him, defiantly remained in the race, declared all-out war against the establishment, and has actually witnessed an increase in donations from his supporters.

The New York Post reported Saturday that Moore’s campaign manager, Brett Doster, informed the media outlet that the campaign had actually raised more cash over the past ten days than they had during nearly the previous entirety of the race, including upward of $500,000 in just three of those ten days.

“Donations have been pouring in from Alabama and from all over the country in an unprecedented way,” Doster revealed, and added that the campaign had ramped up their online fundraising efforts in response to the influx of support.

“We are confident that we will have the resources over the next three weeks to finish strong with victory,” he stated.

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The wave of donations from supporters couldn’t have come at a better time, as both the Republican National Committee and National Republican Senatorial Committee have withdrawn their financial support for Moore’s candidacy, leaving him to fend off the unverifiable accusations and his Democrat opponent on his own.

Moore’s campaign manager claimed that more money was raised during the first six days since the smears first broke — Nov. 10 through Nov. 15 — than had been received in the six weeks prior to that stretch, after Moore had won the GOP primary run-off election against appointed incumbent Luther Strange.

However, Moore isn’t the only one to have received an influx of cash in the midst of the smear campaign against him, as NBC News reported that his opponent Doug Jones had also been raking in the cash as well.

That report — which was based on two anonymous sources — claimed that Jones’ campaign had been receiving upwards of $250,000 per day after the Moore scandal broke, an astonishing amount of cash that was described as “Ossoff-level money.”

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That would be in reference to the estimated $30 million that was raised by Democrats in a short period on behalf of Jon Ossoff, a Democrat candidate for an open congressional seat in a Georgia special election, who nevertheless still lost to his lesser-funded Republican opponent earlier this year.

The Jones campaign declined to confirm the veracity of that staggering claim, though, and only stated, “We have seen a pickup in fundraising since Roy Moore was nominated and Alabama’s choice became clear.”

NBC also noted that Jones has had significant fundraising support from a number of top Democrat politicians, a stark difference from Moore who has been all but abandoned and denounced and convicted in the court of public opinion by his own party’s top officials, and is now backed only by some state politicians and individual supporters.

Yet, despite the lack of established support and in the face of the forces arrayed against him, the former state supreme court chief justice has persisted in his campaign to represent his state in the Senate.

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That defiant determination and staunch refusal to bow to the demands he withdraw because of the allegations — which conveniently only emerged after ballots were finalized and a replacement candidate couldn’t be named — may have a lot to do with the influx of individual support he is now receiving.

The American people have become wise to the smear campaigns typically run by liberals against conservatives they fear, and this wave of allegations against Moore bear all the hallmarks of those campaigns that we have seen time and again in the past. In other words, it stinks to high heaven.

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