Liberals Just Got Perfectly Humiliated Over Doomsday Predictions Of How Trump Would Destroy Tourism & Economy ⋆ US Herald

We all remember those dire warnings by the mainstream media to our economy once Trump moved into the White House, those same predictions that had Trump losing the presidency by a landslide. Well not only did Trump beat Hillary easily, but our economy has also been surging since Mr. Trump became the 45th President of the United States.

In fact the stock market grew by 4.02% the first month President Trump was in office, which stands at currently the 5th highest position of all time, right behind former President Franklyn D. Roosevelt growth rate at 4.13% back in 1945, and perhaps even more astounding the meteoric rise not experienced in America since 1909, when the market grew by 5.07%.

Even more astounding is the rate of growth of the Dow within President Trump’s first 4-months in office from 1800 in November to just under 2100 in February, add to that a 3% GDP growth rate for the first time in over a decade, combined with the lowest unemployment rate in 17-years, and we are witnessing an economy that is on the threshold of roaring back to the good old days of former President Ronald Reagan.

Moreover foreign tourism in perhaps the biggest tourist capital of the world New York City is seeing an astounding 3.6% increase from last year, defying all those progressive doomsday predictions in February that President Trump’s ban on countries that cannot be properly vetted would somehow produce a 300,000 shortfall in tourism, has been largely debunked as false.

However perhaps the biggest losers were the financial experts like Steve Rattner who predicted “a market crash of historic proportions” under President Trump, even Moody’s warned of a “weaker” economy, which actually begs the question where were these so-called experts when Obama was president?

Obviously President Trump the “businessman man” knows how to stimulate an economy, it’s a tried and true method of lowering taxes, reducing burdensome regulations, and allowing business owners to do once again what they do best.

Do you believe once President Trump’s tax incentives kick in that our economy will grow even quicker?

Source: New York Post


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