Liberals Want a “Barack Obama Day” in THIS State. What’s Your Response?

The last thing conservatives in this country want is another reminder of the last eight horrific years we have experienced… but that is exactly what some Democrats are trying to do.

Democrats in the Illinois State Legislature were defeated in their attempted motion to designate Barrack Obama’s birthday an official state holiday. Luckily, the bill failed by just six votes, and it’s sponsor is reluctant to keep the bill alive for another vote. (via Chicago Tribune)

Republicans in the legislature blocked the motion because of the unnecessary burden it would place on the state, which is currently in a financial crisis. Granting an additional holiday would cost $3.2 million in staff expenses, as well as an additional $16 million due to lost productivity.

However, the gesture is fitting for the former president, who raised the national dept and was more concerned with his legacy than he was with respecting the money of taxpayers. Spending $20 million a year on a useless vanity project is a good reflection on Obama’s governing style.

It is not exactly clear why Illinois would choose to honor Obama. Even if you believe his dubious birth certificate, Obama was born in Hawaii. His childhood was spent in Indonesia, and he received his law degree in Massachusetts. Obama only moved to Chicago for work after graduation and we all see what has happened to the state since then!

The proposal is not only burdensome and inaccurate, but also lopsided. Former President Ronald Reagan does not have a recognized holiday, despite the fact that he was born and raised in Illinois. He was also a much better president, who actually achieved his goals.

We already have a day to celebrate our presidents, and Obama has not come close to proving himself deserving of a memorial. He has been out of office for two months and the majority of his legacy has already been repealed.

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All that remains of Obama’s presidency is a staggering national dept, a country more divided than ever, and a power vacuum in the middle east that led to the creation of ISIS. By every conceivable measure, the country is worse now than it was nine years ago.

Thus, Obama is relying on his cronies to fabricate a legacy for him. Liberals are always looking for a reason to take a day off work, and after a few decades, most people will have forgotten how close America came to collapse. They will have their Obama day picnic and assume he was a good guy. This is propaganda, plain and simple.

Barrack Obama did nothing to deserve this recognition, and he has only left behind a huge mess for Trump to clean up. He may even end up in prison after President Trump reveals the extent of Obama’s corruption. Respect needs to be earned, and Obama has never earned a thing in his life.

Barrack Obama will probably go down as the worst president in American history. He is the last president in the era of corruption, before President Trump came in to save the day and drain the swamp.


What do you think about these worthless liberals trying to force an Obama holiday on the people of Illinois? Please share the story on Facebook and tell us what you think because we want to hear YOUR voice!


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