Libs Block Diplomat Car… Find out Real Quick That They Operate By a Different Set of Rules

In a video posted earlier this month on Facebook that has gone wildly viral, German protesters learned the hard way just how unwise it is to block a diplomatic vehicle — and that doing it with childish barricades is a really bad idea.

In an incident that reportedly took place in Hamburg, Germany, a group of protesters set up their wall of whiners to spread whatever message they were looking to spread, but likely unbeknownst to them, they had stopped a diplomatic vehicle.

This year’s G-20 summit in Hamburg was marred by a series of sometimes violent protests — and those whose job it is to protect the lives of diplomats were not happy.

They showed the protesters that there is only one way to deal with a ridiculous roadblock like this that refuses to break up — apply the gas pedal. Check out the video below, shared by Car Gadgets:


The driver can be seen giving a warning to the protesters, who respond with… clapping and chanting.

If that’s not the epitome of snowflakery, I really don’t know what is.

The driver, who could no longer wait for the protesters to disperse, ran the barricade, smashing up a bicycle in the process.

Man, how the road-blockers screamed. It’s almost like they were surprised to see things not go the way they wanted to. Huh.

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It’s not unlike protests in the United States. People who are out and blocking the streets are not harmless — they are interfering with countless people’s lives to one extent or another.

Let me use a personal story just to show how much damage roadblocks can cause, even unintentionally.

A couple years ago I was serving as an after-care worker at a local school. It was my responsibility to make sure the children were taken care of for the half-hour or so between the end of class time and their more formal after-school programming.

I left 15 minutes early, and was 20 minutes late… because of liberal protesters.

Because some protesters wanted to chant together in the middle of the street, there were more than two dozen children confused and alone for quite some time until a teacher at the school found them and hosted them until I arrived.

Those protesters interfered with my day, the day of the teacher who took the children in, and most importantly, the children themselves, whom I had a responsibility to take care of.

You can’t trample on the rights of others because you feel “attacked ” — baselessly in the case of these protesters — and you certainly can’t be mad when people disregard your tantrums.

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