LOOK How One Company Responded to Anti-Trump ‘Day Without Immigrants’ Protest…

The “Day Without Immigrants” protest was supposed to make us all bend over backwards to accommodate liberal brats and their opinions, but you know how liberal plans go…

The business owner who authored this sign knows how to stand up for himself and all of America. If you skip out on your job, you don’t have a job anymore!

The liberal activists wanted to shut down America, and all they did was inconvenience some diners in major cities. The rest of us in the heartland and urban blue collar areas didn’t even notice the immigrant labor strike was going on.

“Mister President, without us and without our input, this country will stand still,” said one sign, warning about the February 16 immigrant protest. It turns out that spoiled liberal students and selfish illegal immigrants actually don’t affect the country as much as they think they do.

Some businesses, primarily restaurants, voluntarily closed in support of the liberal walkout. Signs apologizing for the inconvenience, posted ahead of time, likely cost them the future business of any patriot who had frequented their establishments.

The immigrants’ rights activists claim the one-day labor strike was merely a “preview” of a far larger strike planned for next month. I doubt our daily lives will be impacted by that futile effort either. The truth is that patriots, and hardworking legal immigrants, will be more than happy to replace the odd liberal who is swayed by this foolish logic.

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The second strike is being dubbed as a “day without women.” If stay-at-home moms and housewives across the country took a day off, THEN there might be a noticeable impact, but as we learned from the Women’s March, many women do not support these liberal protests.

Yet another strike is being organized for May 1. The liberal activists maintain they want to change the question from “are immigrants wanted” to “are immigrants needed” in this country, according to a Guardian report.

As usual, the liberal fanatics are entirely missing the point of a very important subject. President Trump and the rest of us do not hate immigrants nor do we want to kick them all out of the country.

ILLEGAL immigrants are the problem in oh so many ways. Without borders, you have no nation, and you do not know if dangerous people, terrorists even, are on American soil.

Illegal aliens do not pay taxes yet get a “free” public school education, which often requires additional staff to teach them English. Taxpayer-funded assistance programs cannot take the extra burden of illegal immigrants getting food stamps, housing vouchers, and medical care at our expense.

IF liberals ever want to have a real discussion on immigration reform, patriots will be willing to listen. Such a chat will be based upon our Constitution and be infused with common sense — basically, it will be an entirely new experience for the socialistic far left!


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