LOOK: Map Of Terror Attacks – Notice Anything Strange?

The more Muslims a country admits, the more terror attacks occur.

As the majority of Europe is falling victim to mass Muslim invasion, Poland remains the only major country immune to Islamic terror plots, via The Federalist Papers.

(via http://thefederalistpapers.org)

(via TheFederalistPapers.org)

That’s because the Polish government has not fallen prey to political correctness, and are willing to openly show hesitation toward integrating Muslims into their society.

The reality of the terror attacks shown above is particularly relevant as France is holding a historic election, where voters will decide between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron. They are stark opposites in their approach to handling immigration.

In a parallel to our election last year, the French people are deciding between an elite globalist candidate and a skeptic of Muslim immigration (and international organizations that limit sovereignty).

Not surprisingly, ISIS has rejected both politicians, and have instructed their followers in France to assassinate both Le Pen and Macron, in addition to firebombing polling stations. (via The Daily Mail)

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ISIS told their followers to abstain from voting in the upcoming election, and to instead put their faith in Allah — encouraging their followers to not buy into the “false prophet” of democracy.

Unfortunately, even with the increase in terrorism in Europe, Marine Le Pen lost the French presidential election today. Now, the chances of France taking a page from the Polish policy handbook and blocking all Muslim refugees are slim.

Describing their decision to stop accepting refugees, a Polish government spokesman said, “At the moment Poland is not able to accept immigrants… For us the most important thing is the safety of Poles.” (via Mirror)

It is incredibly refreshing to see a European nation take the destiny of their people into their own hands. Hopefully, more countries will follow suit, and we can contain the disease that is Islamic terrorism to its home.

Poland has sent a message that they are for native Poles, and this is a positive turn of events in Europe.


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