Look Who Donald Trump Just Beat With Latino Voters!

Pundits have been concerned about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s ability to garner support from minority communities in November.

Following the GOP nominee’s comments about illegal immigration from Mexico, in particular, many believed that he would struggle to receive votes from Latinos.

However, a recent poll showed that the GOP nominee has been doing better than expected, and his numbers among Latino voters are currently better than the last two Republican presidential nominees.

The latest Los Angeles Times “Daybreak” poll showed that, of 3,000 eligible voters who participated in the survey, Trump received support from 32 percent of those who identify as Latino.

In comparison, four years ago, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney received 27 percent of the Latino vote in the 2012 election, according to The Hill.

Going back to the 2008 election, 23 percent of Latino voters said they supported then-presidential candidate John McCain.

Trump desperately needs the support of a significant number of minority voters in November if he wants to defeat Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

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As of now, Clinton and Trump are neck-and-neck when all voters are taken into consideration, but the former secretary of state has an edge on Trump among minority voters, as she currently enjoys 54.5 percent of the Latino vote.

However, Trump’s numbers have risen following the Republican National Convention, as a Pew Research pollfrom early July showed that Trump was sitting at 24 percent among Latino voters.

Recent actions, such as visiting flood-ravaged Louisiana, have painted Trump in a positive light that could help these numbers rise even more between now and November.

Americans of all races, ethnicities, ages and backgrounds are tired of the establishment status quo in Washington, D.C. Taxpayers, including Latinos, are tired of illegal immigrants who enter the country for the sole purpose of taking advantage of our generous welfare system.

And, let’s be honest, the Democrats have chosen possibly the most untrusted candidate in the history of the country to carry their banner into November.

Trump has a greater opportunity than Romney or McCain to render a victory for the Republican Party — and ultimately, a victory for the United States.

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