Man Granted Divorce From Wife After Making SHOCKING Claim


An Italian man was able to obtain a no-fault divorce from his wife after he convinced the court that she suffered from demonic possession.

According to Italy’s The Local, the unnamed man told the court in Milan that his wife had exhibited “inexplicable behavior” for the past 10 years, which included sudden fits, stiffening of the body and other sorts of “unusual phenomena” that he linked to her being “possessed by the devil.”

Testifying to the court on behalf of the devout Catholic couple were a priest, a monk and the husband’s sister, all of whom confirmed various strange behaviors and odd occurrences from the woman, The Local reported, citing the Italian-language media outlet Il Corriere della Sera.


Some of the strange occurrences included reports that the woman was able to briefly levitate as well as one instance in which she seemed to pick up and throw a heavy church pew toward the altar with one hand.

According to the U.K. Daily Express, the woman had been examined several times by doctors and psychologists, but none could detect any health issues from which she suffered.

She had also reportedly undergone several attempts to have the supposed demonic possession exorcised, apparently to no avail.

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The court ultimately ruled that “the woman is not conscious of her actions, but in the grip of an external power.” As such, they agreed to issue a no-fault divorce to the couple with two children.

The idea of exorcism and demonic possession tends to draw a skeptical reaction in the modern West. But Italy remains a country with a strong Catholic presence, and Pope Francis is much more outspoken about the actual presence of the devil in human affairs than many of his predecessors, according to Agence France-Presse, so the court’s decision might not be entirely surprising.

Even in the United States, the idea of demonic possession and exorcism isn’t as unheard of as many people probably think.

Still, there are a host of reasons people typically cite for seeking a divorce, and though many divorcees may suspect their soon-to-be-former spouses were possessed by Satan and his minions, very few, if any, actually make such a claim in court.


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