Mark Levin Drops the Hammer on True Feelings Behind O Reilly's Departure


On his Wednesday show, radio host Mark Levin said he didn’t get along with dismissed Fox News host Bill O’Reilly and defended his firing from the “fair and balanced” network, while still pointing out the double standard of the left.

“As those of you who are longtime listeners to this program know, I was no fan of Bill O’Reilly. In fact, Bill O’Reilly pretty much despised — we despised each other,” Levin said. “One of the reasons is because of this conduct in the past.”

Levin also said while he didn’t know which of the allegations were true and which weren’t, there clearly was some merit to some of them.


“Let me be quite clear about this as an attorney. There are allegations and then there are allegations. Some are more meritorious than others,” Levin said.

“When people have actual tape recordings of you and you cut a deal in part to get the tape recordings back, that’s pretty bad. If somebody says you looked funny at them while they were sitting outside your office for several years, that’s pretty preposterous. But there’s enough there — a pattern with the guy — that it’s quite obvious he has some issues.”

While putting some of the blame on Fox News for re-signing O’Reilly, Levin noted that O’Reilly’s contract made him a renewed target of the liberal media.


“He became a target of The New York Times all of a sudden,” Levin noted. “He became a target of CNN. Media Matters went to work. This Gabriel Sherman, New York Magazine, went to work.

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“Now, I’m certainly not going to defend Bill O’Reilly, but I will say this — the left works as a cabal,” Levin continued. “They target people and they try to take them out. Not just somebody like O’Reilly, but they try to target good people sometimes, and take them out.”

“I hearken back to the Bill Clinton years,” Levin continued. “The New York Times, CNN, all the rest of them, were very dismissive of the allegations against Bill Clinton, including an allegation by Juanita Broaddrick of rape. Of rape. I don’t think O’Reilly’s been accused of rape, has he?”


While we don’t know the full details, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that O’Reilly’s exit from Fox News was definitely called for. However, Levin pointed out the double standard, especially in relation to how the media covered — and continues to cover — Bill Clinton.

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