Marshawn Lynch's Mom Launches Attack On Trump In Broken English Just After He Scorched Lynch For Standing During Mexican Anthem ⋆ US Herald

No doubt if you’re the average NFL football fan and you’ve been reading the antics this morning regarding Oakland Raiders star Running Back Marshawn Lynch sitting on the bench this Sunday during the America’s National Anthem, then moments later actually standing for the Mexican National Anthem, there’s a good chance you’re outraged, and if you’re a patriot who loves America perhaps doubly outraged.

Moreover our immediate reaction to Lynch’s egregious behavior would perhaps be contrasting Mexico’s horrible and epidemic record of human rights violations, and their appalling immigration laws that actually imprisons individuals who violate Mexico’s sovereignty with our own values and principles as a country, ironically those same values and principles that afforded a young black kid from Oakland, California the ability to rise above his circumstances and achieve the “American Dream”, much like another African-American million dollar player Colin Kaepernick who also played the race-card in an attempt to extend his faltering career as a quarterback.

Trump wasted no time in calling on the NFL to punish Lynch for his traitorous anthem antics:

Then things got really classy when Marshawn Lynch’s mom got into the act using broken English to attack the President. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree here folks:

What seems painfully apparent for characters like Lynch, Kaepernick and the score of other African-American players, and their supporters, is that in the year 2017, million dollar athletes regardless of their outstanding accomplishments on the gridiron still allow skin pigmentation to define them.

Which is the reason why most mainstream fans view guys like Lynch and Kaepernick with such disdain when they dishonor the memory of all those who fought and died for that flag, so that Lynch could play politics by standing for a country that has sponsored state-sanctioned murders, where journalists have been threatened if they report on the epidemic of corruption taking place within all levels of government, and where drug cartels run both local law enforcement and politicians and where the drug wars within the last few decades have claimed almost 200,000 lives.

Moreover, since 2006 more than 27,000 individuals have simply vanished from the face of the earth, the Mexican government in August of 2016 reported them missing and their whereabouts as simply “unknown.”

Do you believe that guys like Lynch and Kaepernick are playing the race card when they take a knee for the playing of our National Anthem?


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