Mayor Issued Bone-Chilling Death Warning to Texans Ahead of Hurricane Harvey


With Hurricane Harvey upgraded to a Category 4 storm just before it made landfall in Texas, leaders in the Lone Star State issued bone-chilling warnings to those who did not evacuate.

Rockport Mayor Pro Tem Patrick Rios told his residents who did not evacuate should use permanent markers to write their names and Social Security numbers on their arms.

The mayor said the warning was not to scare anyone, but to highlight the severity of the storm. Should fatalities occur, Rios contended, he wanted to be able to identify the individual.


“We’re suggesting if people are going to stay here, mark their arm with a Sharpie pen with their name and Social Security number,” Rios said, according to ABC.

“We hate to talk about things like that,” Rios added. “It’s not something we like to do but it’s the reality, people don’t listen.”

At least one death had been reported from the storm on Saturday, according to Fox News.


Rockport also issued a graphic memo telling home owners what to check on or make sure they take care of before they leave.

The memo calledfor bringing items back inside your home, assembling emergency kits, monitoring weather updates, and ensuring pets were safe.

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PHOTO: Graphic showing things to do and collect before and after a hurricane.

The memo also warned residents to watch out for road hazards.

Rockport was one of seven counties and five cities that issued mandatory evacuations, while many other areas made evacuations voluntary.


The National Hurricane Center said Hurricane Harvey’s winds slowed to winds of 85 mph Saturday morning, but heavy flooding and rain threats persisted into the day.

As of late Saturday afternoon, Harvey had been downgraded to a tropical storm, but a majority of the warnings have remained in place. There has reportedly been 16.43 inches of rain in the last 24 hours in parts of south Texas.

Harvey was predicted to be the most catastrophic storm to make landfall in the U.S. since Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

As grim and bone chilling as Rios’ warning was to his community, he made it clear how severe the storm was and aimed to take the proper steps to ensure the safety of his people.

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