McCain Accuses Rand Paul of “Working for Putin”


Aside from a brief period when he was reviled by the left during the 2008 presidential election, Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain has long been viewed as the “maverick” of the GOP who was just as likely to join with the Democrats on some issues as to stick by his own party.

At one point, he infamously referred to the more conservative and tea party-aligned members of the GOP as “wacko-birds” who should be ignored, for example.

McCain was at it again this week, according to The Daily Beast, when he opened rhetorical fire on one of his Senate and party colleagues, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, while discussing a motion on a bill that would allow the tiny Central European nation of Montenegro to be added to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.


Noting that the staunchly libertarian Paul had already registered his opposition to expanding NATO, McCain declared that by opposing the measure, “You are achieving the objectives of Vladimir Putin … trying to dismember this small country which has already been the subject an attempted coup.”

“If they object, they are now carrying out the desires and ambitions of Vladimir Putin, and I do not say that lightly,” McCain warned, before proceeding to read through the formal language of the bill calling for a unanimous vote after any potential objections had been raised.

Paul stood and voiced his objection to the bill, then promptly turned and left the chamber, leaving McCain standing on the Senate floor, steaming at what had just transpired.


“I note the senator from Kentucky leaving the floor without justification or any rationale for the action he has just taken,” McCain said with what appeared to be barely concealed rage. “That is really remarkable, that a senator blocking a treaty that is supported by the overwhelming number — perhaps 98, at least, of his colleagues — would come to the floor and object and walk away.

“The only conclusion you can draw when he walks away is he has no justification for his objection to having a small nation be part of NATO that is under assault from the Russians,” McCain added.

“So I repeat again, the senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin,” he concluded.

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You can watch McCain’s remarks right here:

Following the shocking assertion on the Senate floor, McCain’s office released a statement essentially reiterating his commentary and demanding an explanation from Paul regarding his objection.


According to Breitbart, Paul’s office released a statement Thursday morning in reaction to McCain’s accusation. It read: “Currently, the United States has troops in dozens of countries and is actively fighting in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen (with the occasional drone strike in Pakistan).

“In addition, the United States is pledged to defend 28 countries in NATO. It is unwise to expand the monetary and military obligations of the United States given the burden of our $20 trillion debt.”

While we certainly understand the purpose of NATO, Paul’s objection to expanding the alliance is not totally without merit. NATO is already full of nations either unable or unwilling to pull their weight when it comes contributing financial and military assistance to other members.

And there’s no arguing that McCain just verbally assaulted a member in good standing of his own party and has seemingly joined in with the Democrat line of “anybody who disagrees with us is working for Russia.”

It is time for him to retire, get voted out of office, or simply join his comrades in the progressive party that favors entangling global alliances that sap America’s strength and finances for the benefit of others.

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