McCain Declares Russia Hacked Our Election, Claims It Was an “Act of War”

When Democrats attack Trump as a danger to world peace, it would seem that they have the wrong Republican. It is John McCain who, as usual, is the one making bellicose statements about other countries. Mr. Trump just might seek dialog with other nations, recognizing that wars, hot or cold, do nothing to promote the welfare of the countries involved.

Mr. McCain, and his confederate Mr. Graham, couldn’t care less about promoting peace. And this time, they are actually doing the Democrats’ job of attacking Donald Trump for them as well as beating the war drums. They truly are the poster boys for term limits.

John McCain has been in the Senate far too long. As things currently stand, he is a very unreliable ally of true conservatives. He is a war monger, apparently not having gotten enough of it while in Vietnam, or at least wanting to give more young Americans a good taste of what it’s like.

During the committee hearings on the alleged Russian interference in our election he is now chairing, he may as well be a Democrat.

McCain told the panel US intelligence agencies UNANIMOUSLY found Russia hacked US political organizations.

McCain: Our intelligence agencies concluded unanimously that the Russian government directed compromises of emails from US persons and institutions including from US political organizations.

This man is a menace to the entire conservative cause. Having spent much of the campaign refusing to endorse his own party’s candidate for president, he now appears to be planning to obstruct him from the Senate. All the Democrats have to do is sit back and let McCain do their work for them.

McCain can always be counted on to carry the Democrat Party’s water. He will be missed when he is gone.

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McCain: US intelligence agencies unanimously found Russia hacked US political organizations…

— CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) January 5, 2017

This lunatic has actually gone on record saying that what Russia has done is an “act of war,” as can be seen in the second video clip below. Many believe that those in the swamp would want nothing more than to provoke war with Russia, and it’s not too hard to believe.

Where is the proof of your claims, John? And precisely how do you intend to prosecute your “war?”

This guy is so overdue for retirement. And to think he just got elected for another six years. At least the Republicans can make some training videos using clips of McCain which can be shown to new Republican members of Congress as examples of what a traitor to his own party looks like.

Source:  The Gateway Pundit

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