Media Goes Nuts After Seeing Who Just Entered Trump Towers for Special Meeting

Earlier this week, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump received his first classified intelligence briefing on Wednesday, a common practice for presidential candidates.

On the same day, he also held his first national security and law enforcement round table meeting at Trump Tower.

Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway and CEO Steve Bannon attended the round table, The Hill reported. Also in attendance were former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Rep. Peter King, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, then-campaign manager Paul Manafort and Gen. Michael Flynn.

Trump’s campaign released a statement saying the group discussed ideas on how to win the war against radical Islamic terrorism. They also discussed ways to improve the screening process for immigrants as well as how to keep radicals from crossing the border.

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Before the meetings, Trump expressed to Fox News a lack of faith in current U.S. intelligence agencies and said he probably wouldn’t use the same intelligence gathering sources because they’ve made bad decisions in the past, according to The Hill.

Watch Trump’s comments below:

This round table should embarrass President Barack Obama, who has spent more time golfing than worrying about the security of our nation. Obama’s lack of leadership is why the Islamic State group has managed to flourish over the last several years, and under a President Hillary Clinton things would only become increasingly worse.

Clinton has vowed to continue Obama’s refugee re-location program, which left as it is, leaves this country at great risk to terrorists who could sneak in under the guise of being refugees.

Trump has repeatedly addressed this issue and made it a key point of his campaign. He has vowed to fight the Islamic State group, and this meeting proved that he’s headed in the right direction — and it’s a direction the liberals hate.

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